Educating the public and policy-makers about clean indoor air issues

The Foundation's SmokeLess States: National Tobacco Policy Initiative is a program that supports development and implementation of comprehensive statewide strategies to reduce tobacco use through education, treatment, and policy initiatives.The purpose of this project is to provide overall strategic planning and support for the development of communications messages and products (e.g., print, radio, and television advertising) that will be developed and delivered through a contract with Public Media Center (PMC) to educate the public on clean indoor air issues. Under the direction of Foundation staff, the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation (ANRF) will work in collaboration with PMC, the SmokeLess States initiative, the National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids, and the Praxis Project to support state coalition clean indoor air activities. ANRF staff will attend regular meetings regarding the project, coordinate the legal and project staff review of the ads produced by PMC, oversee focus group testing of communications products, and provide strategic direction on clean indoor air issues for state coalitions.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $142,654.00

Awarded on: 12/17/2002

Time frame: 12/15/2002 - 2/29/2004

Grant Number: 47293


American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation

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Cynthia D. Hallett
Project Director