Active Living Network: A cross-sector initiative to promote physical activity and healthy eating

Promoting activity-friendly communities requires working with professional groups and sectors that are not traditionally involved in addressing health. The Building Bridges initiative has been planned to provide outreach, education, and networking forums for a variety of sectors (i.e., planning, design, environmental, transportation, parks and recreations, politics, and health) necessary to the creation of active living spaces and places. These enhancement funds will be used to develop targeted materials identified during the planning phase as necessary to the effective implementation of this initiative. The purpose of this project is to create a conference registration Web site, provide staff time and resources for the continued development and implementation of the initiative, and create conference materials. The first active living/networking seminar was held in November, in Boulder, Colorado. These materials were needed for that meeting.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $151,000.00

Awarded on: 10/23/2002

Time frame: 10/15/2002 - 3/14/2003

Grant Number: 46502


Pyramid Communications, Inc.

Terminal Sales Building
1932 First Avenue, Suite 507
Seattle, 98101-1041


John Hoyt
Project Director