Preferred provider organization physician quality incentive program

The Foundation's program, Rewarding Results: Aligning Incentives with High-Quality Health Care, was designed to invent, prove and diffuse innovations in systems of provider payments and nonfinancial incentives that will encourage and reward high-quality care.Wellpoint's project comprises financial and nonfinancial incentives to promote quality health care, increase customer value and optimize delivery of health services to preferred provider organization (PPO) members. The purpose of this project is to work toward achieving the following goals: (1) provide effective health care to reduce the burden of illness and mortality associated with prevalent chronic conditions (cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart failure, and mental health conditions) and assure the delivery of preventive care services; (2) improve patients' ability to access care and maintain continuous doctor-patient relationships with the high-quality physicians of their choice; (3) improve the affordability of health care through generic prescribing; and (4) reduce costs through simplified and timely transactions with physicians.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $887,171.00

Awarded on: 9/16/2002

Time frame: 9/15/2002 - 4/30/2006

Grant Number: 46661


Wellpoint Health Networks, Inc.

1 Wellpoint Way
Thousand Oaks, 91362-5035


L. Carl Volpe
Project Director