Assessment of the National Health Care Purchasing Institute

The Foundation's program, Pursuing Perfection: Raising the Bar for Health Care Performance, was designed to help hospital and physician organizations dramatically improve patient outcomes by pursuing perfection in all of their major care processes.A key Foundation strategy to encourage high quality provision of medical care is to work through public and private payors to purchase quality in the choice and content of health plans. The National Health Care Purchasing Institute (NHCPI) provides an important program in line with this strategy. The purpose of this project is to outline the first phase of a two-phase evaluation of NHCPI. Phase I is a short-term assessment, employing document review, critique of NHCPI publications, design of a purchaser survey, and two case studies of NHCPI workshop activities. The case studies are the centerpiece of Phase I, because they will assess the degree to which NHCPI current workshop strategies have the potential to further its goals related to informed purchasing and better quality of care among leading purchasers in the private sector and Medicare. Depending on the potential revealed by these two case studies, Phase II will be proposed in early 2003: survey of leading Medicare and private purchasers. Phase I will be considered successful if it provides an early indication about whether NHCPI activities are effective.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $196,821.00

Awarded on: 7/22/2002

Time frame: 8/1/2002 - 1/31/2006

Grant Number: 40727


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Marsha Gold
Project Director