Consolidating invitational nurse executive conferences to address the nursing shortage

The Foundation has supported two ongoing conferences aimed at closing the gap between knowledge and practice in nursing services administration, one is sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and one is sponsored by the Institute for Nursing Healthcare Leadership with the Consortium of Harvard Affiliated Nursing Services in Boston. This grant supports the transition of the two separate conferences into a combined single conference with an audience of more than 200. Briefing materials will be published that nurse executives can take back to their institutions for strategic planning activities. The proceedings will be widely distributed to extend the potential influence of the conference. The project will be considered successful if it identifies and debates the pros and cons of various evidence-based management practices to address the nursing shortage. The Foundation also expects the conference to become self-supporting through tuition, corporate sponsorship, and revenues from ads placed in the proceedings publication.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $25,000.00

Awarded on: 6/17/2002

Time frame: 6/15/2002 - 12/14/2003

Grant Number: 45407


University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Fagan Hall
418 Curie Boulevard
Philadelphia, 19104-4217


Linda H. Aiken
Project Director