Planning for a study of health care costs and utilization associated with tobacco use and cessation in managed care

The economic implications of smoking and smoking cessation play an increasingly important role in determining public health policies about tobacco use and how health plans design their health promotion strategies. While the treatment of tobacco dependence has been identified in past research as one of the most cost effective of all medical interventions, important questions remain about the health plan business case for intervention. Concerns with the evidence base point to a need for more in-depth documentation of the long-term cost experience of current smokers, former smokers, and never smokers within multiple managed care settings. The purpose of this project is to assess smoking's burden on a variety of health plans and evaluate the actual (versus estimated) economic benefit of smoking cessation. The project will be considered successful if it results in the publication of a peer-reviewed paper outlining needed research methods and measures, and develops a feasible plan for a comprehensive follow-up study to be funded by a wider group of funding partners.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $133,318.00

Awarded on: 3/25/2002

Time frame: 4/1/2002 - 3/31/2004

Grant Number: 44580


University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health

2121 West Taylor Street, MC 923
Chicago, 60612-4394


Susan J. Curry
Project Director