Establishing a public health collaboration among New England academic institutions

Current events have underscored an urgent need to invest in building the public health system's infrastructure, capacity, and preparedness, augmenting its capability to mount a rapid and effective response to both ongoing and emerging public health threats. This grant provides start-up funding for an inter-institutional Collaborative for Public Health Innovation, based in the New England region. The overall aim of this multi-institutional endeavor is to devise, foster, and assist in implementing groundbreaking technologies, policies, and designs for responding promptly and effectively to a wide variety of potential public health emergencies. The initial planning and development phase of the Collaborative will result in the following deliverables: an organizational charter; design principles for the Collaborative; a system of governance; and a prospectus to obtain permanent and substantial funding. This grant will be considered successful if it results in a well constructed plan for the operation and sustainability of this much-needed partnership.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $49,987.00

Awarded on: 3/25/2002

Time frame: 4/1/2002 - 11/30/2002

Grant Number: 44314


Third Sector New England

89 South Street, Suite 700
Boston, 02111-2680


Anthony Robbins
Project Director