Improving the transmission of clinical data to public health databases

Public health rests on information. Local, state, and national data are essential for managers and providers who must assess health status and services, and plan, carry out, and evaluate health programs. Physicians are required by law to report specific diseases and health data to their state health departments for surveillance and control purposes. The set of diseases and health data requiring reports vary from state to state, but often include particular communicable diseases, cancers, and toxin exposure measurements such as blood lead levels. The weak link in the chain is poor compliance by many providers with the requirement to report. Thus, for too many health conditions, the current state of information is inadequate for effective public health surveillance. The purpose of this project is to develop and pilot-test a new tool for improving the transmission of clinical data to public health databases in a timely, accurate, and nonduplicative fashion. The test problem will be immunization data in children. If shown to be feasible, this approach will be effectively disseminated for replication by other states and expanded to obtain clinical data for other health conditions. Finally, this project should contribute to acceptance and development of collaborations between clinical and public health systems to integrate health information.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $362,682.00

Awarded on: 1/16/2002

Time frame: 2/1/2002 - 5/31/2004

Grant Number: 44377


State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, 65102-0687


Garland H. Land
Project Director