Assessment of the effects of economic development activities on employment, alcohol outlet density, and homicide

The Foundation's Substance Abuse Policy Research Program was designed to provide support for investigators to conduct policy research on a variety of subjects directed at helping the country reduce the harm caused by substance abuse.Implementation of alcohol outlet policies is one of several strategies that city officials use to decrease alcohol availability, crime, and other urban problems. Economic development initiatives that include the infusion of money for job training, job creation and retention, and business development are also used. The Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community (EZ/EC) program, a ten-year effort initiated by President Clinton in 1993, provides an excellent opportunity to assess the impact economic development activities have on local alcohol policy efforts. A secondary aim of this study is to assess the effects of the EZ/EC initiative on alcohol outlet density and homicide after adjustment for the presence or absence of local and state alcohol outlet laws. These aims will be investigated using a quasi-experimental design (three-group staggered) and multiple methods and sources of data including archival, written reports, and key informant interviews.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $340,942.00

Awarded on: 1/28/2002

Time frame: 2/1/2002 - 1/31/2005

Grant Number: 44122


University of Minnesota School of Public Health

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Rhonda Jones-Webb
Project Director