Developing small community homes as alternatives to nursing homes

Concerns have risen about the quality of care and life in nursing homes. Some are cold, sterile organizations that institutionalize numerous residents in one place. Seniors in nursing homes are often isolated from the community, lack dignity, and lose self-worth and independence. Nursing homes need to be changed. The Green House project is an opportunity to create an alternative to the traditional nursing home. Green Houses would be small community homes where people requiring skilled nursing services can live. This grant supports the development of Green Houses in Utica, New York. Under it, the following four activities will be undertaken: (1) develop a business plan; (2) create educational materials about the new organizational culture and train workers; (3) obtain information on technological infrastructure to support the Green House; and (4) write a case study of the project that can be shared with others in the field. This project will be considered successful if Green Houses are established in Utica, New York, and lessons learned from the project are disseminated to other long-term care providers and advocates.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $304,990.00

Awarded on: 12/20/2001

Time frame: 1/1/2002 - 6/30/2003

Grant Number: 43280


Center for Growing and Becoming Inc.

766 Turnpike Road
Sherburne, 13460-3730


William H. Thomas
Project Director