Decisions, choices, and care management among an admission cohort of privately insured disabled elders

Given the availability of national data on the prevalence of various forms of disability, it is possible to estimate the magnitude of overall need for personal care services. However, because there is very little information on what influences consumer choices in care and the system itself is changing so fast, it is more difficult to predict how and where people will actually receive care. The purpose of this project is to obtain a comprehensive demographic, health, and attitudinal profile of individuals with private long-term care (LTC) insurance policies at the time they begin using LTC services and to understand the factors involved in the decision about how and why to use services in particular care settings over time. The cohort will be followed for 18 months. The project will be considered successful if it results in a completed research study published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $586,352.00

Awarded on: 10/1/2001

Time frame: 10/1/2001 - 12/31/2006

Grant Number: 43223


Center for Health and Long-Term Care Research Inc.

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Marc A. Cohen
Project Director