Evaluation of the Internet-Based Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

A number of internet-based programs have been developed to manage one or more chronic diseases. However, few have been based on a tested, theoretical model and fewer have been evaluated. The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSP) is an evidence-based program implemented through community groups around the country. An Internet-Based Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (ICDSP) is being developed and piloted-tested with support from the Archstone Foundation. This grant supports a randomized controlled trial of the ICDSP program in adults with heart disease, lung disease, and/or Type 2 diabetes. Through this project, 880 participants will be recruited. Outcome and process studies related to the use of ICDSP will be conducted. Recommendations for program improvement and replication will also be developed. As demonstrated in the CDSP studies, the analysis expects to find that ICDSP will result in improved measures in quality of life and reduce health care utilization in participants.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $528,730.00

Awarded on: 9/10/2001

Time frame: 9/15/2001 - 1/31/2006

Grant Number: 38198


Stanford University School of Medicine

300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, 94305-5119


Kate R. Lorig
Project Director