Using policy briefs to improve population health

This grant supports the development of innovative methods for educating local legislators and the public about the link between behavior, physical and social environments, and disease prevention in their districts. The grant provides support to develop, publish, disseminate, and evaluate the effectiveness of health policy briefs that educate legislators and the public of health issues within their own local legislative districts. The first brief will focus on childhood obesity and fitness levels; the second will focus on diabetes and cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality. The briefs will provide: (1) the public and decision makers with health data specific to each of California's 80 State Legislative Districts; and (2) recommendations on policies and programs that might be established to address threats to population health. A media campaign and educational forums will be conducted to encourage policy makers to establish/support statewide policies and targeted programs that promote the improvement of population health in their districts. Additionally, the project will be evaluated to determine the impact of the briefs and campaigns. This project will be considered a success if development and distribution of the policy briefs proves to be an effective and influential mechanism for disseminating health information for local decision making and replication beyond the State of California begins to take place.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $722,925.00

Awarded on: 7/24/2001

Time frame: 8/1/2001 - 10/31/2004

Grant Number: 38118


California Center for Public Health Advocacy

P.O. Box 2309
Davis, 95617-2309


Harold M. Goldstein
Project Director