Testing interventions to promote physical activity among mid-life and older adults

Despite the Surgeon General's recommendations, a large proportion of the U.S. population does not participate in regular physical activity, particularly mid-life and older adults. There is an important need for effective interventions to promote physical activity adoption and maintenance. For the past decade, studies have shown that print and telephone communications can be more effective than face-to-face contact in enhancing individuals' abilities to adopt physical activity behaviors. The purpose of this project is to determine the efficacy of an internet, telephone, or print intervention to encourage physical activity adoption and maintenance in mid-life and older adults, and to determine the reason for non-respondents in the study. The project deliverables are to implement the study, prepare a final report, and publish the results. This project will be considered successful if it results in a completed research study published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $30,955.00

Awarded on: 5/11/2001

Time frame: 7/1/2001 - 5/31/2003

Grant Number: 40241


American Association of Retired Persons Foundation (AARP)

601 E Street, N.W.
Washington, 20049-0001


Teresa A. Keenan
Project Director