SmokeLess States: National Tobacco Policy Initiative

The Foundation's SmokeLess States: National Tobacco Policy Initiative is a program that supports development and implementation of comprehensive statewide strategies to reduce tobacco use through education, treatment, and policy initiatives.This grant supports the South Dakota Tobacco Free Kids Network to: (1) develop a plan for adequate and sustained funding for a comprehensive tobacco prevention program; (2) strengthen the capacity of statewide and local coalition partners to plan, implement, and advocate for policy changes and funding; and (3) expand public and policy maker awareness and education efforts that target sustained program funding and policy changes that will reduce exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $994,852.00

Awarded on: 5/11/2001

Time frame: 6/1/2001 - 12/31/2004

Grant Number: 41913


American Cancer Society, Inc., Midwest Division, Inc.

Suite 208
207 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, 57501-3159


Jennifer Stalley
Project Director