SmokeLess States: National Tobacco Policy Initiative

The Foundation's SmokeLess States: National Tobacco Policy Initiative is a program that supports development and implementation of comprehensive statewide strategies to reduce tobacco use through education, treatment, and policy initiatives.This grant provides support to the Campaign for a Healthy and Responsible Tennessee as an ongoing source of funding for tobacco control programs through the tobacco settlement and to increase the tobacco excise tax. To accomplish this they will: (1) implement a public education campaign; (2) mobilize statewide coalitions; and (3) advocate for tobacco policy development.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $900,000.00

Awarded on: 5/22/2001

Time frame: 6/1/2001 - 1/31/2004

Grant Number: 41914


American Cancer Society, Inc., Mid-South Division, Inc.

1100 Ireland Way, Suite 300
Birmingham, 35205-7014


Jane Ferrell
Project Director