Reviewing the role of evaluation in philanthropy

Evaluation in foundations has advanced substantially during the past decade. However, directors of evaluation in foundations perceive that evaluation is not yet positioned to yield as much as it might. The purpose of this project is to continue the discussion among foundation leadership by: (1) convening a meeting of evaluation directors and the chief of program executives from 15-20 large foundations; (2) developing three case studies of foundations and a sample of their evaluations to examine how evaluation proceeds from start to finish, the ways that it succeeds, where it fails, and issues encountered as evaluations are implemented; and (3) reconvening the same evaluation directors to learn from the cases and to make recommendations. A final report, disseminated to foundations, will summarize the cases as well as key lessons for the field. After release from the foundations concerned, the cases will appear in foundation publications as well as in peer reviewed journals or a book. Care will be taken to assure the confidentiality of grantees in this process. The project will be considered successful if the two meetings and case studies foster a continued discussion within philanthropy on the role of evaluation in foundations, as measured by meeting attendance and subsequent correspondence.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $125,090.00

Awarded on: 2/21/2001

Time frame: 3/1/2001 - 10/31/2002

Grant Number: 41237


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Patricia A. Patrizi
Project Director