Developing physical activity programs for older adults

It has been estimated that over 50 percent of the functional decline observed with aging is related to a sedentary lifestyle. Medical studies find that a lack of use of muscles through physical inactivity may cause older persons to lose balance and fall, which can cause injuries such as hip fractures. A regular physical activity program incorporating resistive-type exercises has been proven effective for enhancing muscle strength. The purpose of this project is to implement and evaluate a community-capacity building model to develop safe and effective physical activity programs incorporating strength training for older adults in California.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $351,039.00

Awarded on: 2/2/2001

Time frame: 4/1/2001 - 8/31/2005

Grant Number: 39593


University of California, San Francisco

513 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco, 94143-2205


Lisa A. Cirill
Project Director


Steven P. Hooker
Project Director