Faith in Action

The Foundation's program, Faith in Action®, was designed to expand the continued replication of the Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers Model, providing volunteer caregiving to people of all ages with chronic health conditions.This grant supports the Front Porch Alliance (FPA) in its mission to "work hand-in-hand to build a community of hope...where the concern of one becomes the concern of all." The purpose of this project is to improve lives, build relationships and revitalize neighborhoods for all people in the Ivanhoe area. One of the key strategies of the FPA is to involve residents of a community in planning and implementing improvements in their neighborhood. Residents are currently completing a strategic plan that identifies community changes they desire which include a free health clinic, available two Saturdays within a six- to nine-month period; friends in deed, a project that encourages volunteers to form a relationship with an elderly or homebound resident in order to assist with every day needs; and safe crib project; and just for women, a casual format on women's health care issues.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $35,000.00

Awarded on: 11/28/2000

Time frame: 1/1/2001 - 6/30/2003

Grant Number: 41170


Front Porch Alliance - Kansas City Inc.

c/o Village Presbyterian Church
6641 Mission Road
Prairie Village, 66208-1799

Carol Cowden
Project Director