Evaluating a model program for mentoring high-risk children

This grant supports completion of the research design for an impact study of the Friends of the Children program (a model effort for mentoring high-risk children) and field testing of the evaluation instruments. The project leaders will assess the elements, length, and cost of the impact study, as well as the prospects for financial support. They will also assess the interest of states and localities in replicating the Friends of the Children model. A formal briefing with funders will be proposed to discuss the prospects and costs of going forward. The midpoint briefing will allow the researchers, the Friends of the Children, and interested funders to assess the utility of proceeding with this research/replication project.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $298,200.00

Awarded on: 7/6/2000

Time frame: 7/1/2000 - 10/31/2002

Grant Number: 37920


Public/Private Ventures

2000 Market Street, Suite 550
Philadelphia, 19103-3202


Jean B. Grossman
Project Director