Changes in political institutions and effects on national health care policy

The Foundation's Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research Program was designed to produce major works from senior and new investigators that would add to the health policy field's knowledge base.Mark Peterson, Ph.D., has relocated to the University of California, Los Angeles, and is requesting a transfer of the unused funds under his Investigator Award (University of Pittsburgh) to finish writing the book manuscript -- the final product of his original grant. His study examines both comprehensive health care reform and health policy in general in the United States, with an emphasis on the role of institutional change over time (in interest groups, Congress, the presidency, and policy communities). The principal objective is to explain the link between the character of political institutions and health policy choices, thus improving our understanding of health policy outcomes large and small.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,293.00

Awarded on: 7/11/2000

Time frame: 7/1/2000 - 12/31/2000

Grant Number: 39871


University of California, Los Angeles, School of Public Policy and Social Research

P.O Box 951452
Los Angeles, 90095-1452

Mark A. Peterson
Project Director