All Kids Count: Technical resource center to foster development of integrated preventive health information systems

Since 1992, the Foundation has led the effort to create computer-based registries as a tool to increase immunization rates for children. The vision for the registries was to create a single data-based child health profile that could be used to improve children's access to a broad array of preventive health services. Today, registry efforts are underway in all 50 states; yet, to date, these efforts have only focused on immunization data. To achieve the broader vision of a "child health profile," registries must begin to integrate immunization data with other information, such as hearing, vision, and lead screening. This project will create a technical resource center, building on the leadership and experience of the All Kids Count program, to foster the development of integrated public health information systems (IPHIS). The Center will provide technical assistance to projects across the country, and build partnerships with other agencies and organizations to guide the development of integrated data systems. Key outcomes will include the development of: (1) new confidentiality standards for IPHIS; (2) cost/benefit analyses; (3) possible financing strategies; (4) strategies to engage the private sector; and (5) successful integrated information projects in the field.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $5,000,000.00

Awarded on: 7/27/2000

Time frame: 8/1/2000 - 7/31/2004

Grant Number: 39374


Task Force for Global Health, Inc.

325 Swanton Way
Decatur, 30030-3001


David Atkins Ross
Project Director