Development and implementation of strategies to create sustainable funding for out-of-school programs

The purpose of this project is to analyze public financing strategies for expanding after school programs nationally. The analysis will include looking at different options for structuring public authorities or entities that could receive and spend pooled public revenues. Input on this project will be sought from public officials, educators, parent groups and community leaders. Recommendations will be disseminated to key federal, state and local policy makers. Initially, the research will examine how different communities are implementing complementary financing schemes to support various after-school program models. During the early stages of the project, the investigators will visit different communities that are now pooling existing and targeted youth funds and using them to expand after school programs. In addition to examining existing funding strategies, they will explore the potential for redirecting bail forfeiture, tobacco settlement, and hospital conversion funds. Other revenue sources that will be explored include: (1) Child Care and Development Block Grants; (2) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families surpluses; (3) Special Education funds; (4) The Elementary and Secondary Act Title 1 monies; and (5) The Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Community Act funds. Public policy and court decisions related to educational equity will also be reviewed. At the conclusion of the analytic efforts, policy recommendations for financing after-school programs will be prepared and disseminated to key stakeholders. A number of meetings will be held in communities to bring together the public and private forces to discuss the policy recommendations and the feasibility of establishing a public authority that could receive pooled public funds. Proceedings will be documented and disseminated nationally through The After School Corporation's Web site.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $300,006.00

Awarded on: 3/20/2000

Time frame: 4/1/2000 - 3/31/2003

Grant Number: 37475


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Mary S. Bleiberg
Project Director