Addressing tobacco in pregnancy

The Foundation's program, Smoke-Free Families: Innovations to Stop Smoking During and Beyond Pregnancy, was designed as a multi-component strategy to improve current clinical practice and advance the field into the next generation of smoking cessation techniques for childbearing women.Activities to be undertaken by the investigators under this project include: provide three seminars per year highlighting successful smoking cessation in preconceptual, pregnancy, and relapse prevention programs nationwide; conduct follow-up with MCOs that offer pregnancy/postpartum programs; work with the Prudential Center for Health Care Research to refine pregnancy/postpartum related questions on its future MCO tobacco surveys; develop a postpartum/relapse prevention component for the Tobacco Control Tool Kit designed by the Addressing Tobacco in Managed Care Program's National Technical Assistance Office; add a preconceptual/pregnancy/postpartum component to the AAHP Addressing Tobacco in Managed Care Web site to promote access to information and increase opportunities for exchange of ideas among those active in smoking cessation and pregnancy; and develop a brochure describing the incorporation of smoking cessation into pregnancy/postpartum managed care programming.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $218,692.00

Awarded on: 5/26/1998

Time frame: 6/1/1998 - 8/31/2000

Grant Number: 34137


American Association of Health Plans (AAHP)

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Barbara D. Lardy
Project Director