Study of the interplay of human and technological assistance for homebound persons with chronic functional impairment

The Foundation's Home Care Research Initiative was designed for researchers and policy analysts to explore key issues in the area of home and community-based care for the chronically ill.This particular project will expand the scope of our knowledge about supportive assistance in the home by investigating the interplay of potential resources available to adults with chronic functional impairment. Specifically, the research team will investigate issues of efficiency and effectiveness regarding two interventions--personal assistance (both formal and informal) and technological aids--through secondary analyses of the 1994 and 1995 Disability Supplements to the National Health Interview Survey and its follow-back surveys.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $107,866.00

Awarded on: 3/23/1998

Time frame: 4/1/1998 - 9/30/2000

Grant Number: 34188


Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School

Box G-A
Providence, 02912-0001


Susan M. Allen
Project Director