Training physicians in advances in genetics

This grant supports partial scholarships for approximately 50 targeted practicing physicians to attend a training conference on genetic medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana, from March 13-15, 1998. Targeted participants include physicians employed either in preventive medicine and/or public health, and physicians who volunteer in caring for medically underserved populations. Content areas include a broad range of medical, ethical, social and legal issues in genetics and will examine diverse perspectives including those of patients and families. For example, the conference will address privacy, confidentiality, and informed consent. Additional sessions will address the availability and access of genetic services in diverse settings such as managed care, and for underserved rural or urban populations. Finally, there will be an opportunity to explore the legislative impact of genetics from federal, state, health insurer, and industry perspectives. Topics at the conference will also address the needs of minority and women populations including ethnic predisposition to genetic illness and reproductive and cancer issues in women. Participants whose attendance will be supported by this grant will be faculty in preventive medicine and/or physicians currently employed in public health departments. Competency in genetic medicine will assist these physicians in such endeavors as planning curricula, ensuring adequate genetic services for the population served by public health, and planning and implementing population screening programs. A second category of participants will be Reach Out state leaders, who represent a nucleus of expertise in serving populations who are unable to access our present health care delivery system. Exposure to genetic medicine will enhance their ability to act as preceptors for others.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $50,000.00

Awarded on: 2/11/1998

Time frame: 2/15/1998 - 8/14/1999

Grant Number: 33960


American Medical Association

515 North State Street, 15th Floor
Chicago, 60654-4820


M. Priscilla Short
Project Director