Research on the policy implications of inequities in health care among low-income African Americans

The Foundation's Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research Program was designed to produce major works from senior and new investigators that would add to the health policy field's knowledge base.This project will describe the phenomenon of "weathering," the cumulative experience with social inequality that is hypothesized to contribute to rapid health decline. The project will synthesize the empirical findings accumulated employing this framework. The goals are to develop an understanding of their policy implications and to publish a broadly accessible, integrated book on "weathering" that bridges disciplinary divides and allows open debate of possible policy implications.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $234,883.00

Awarded on: 1/27/1998

Time frame: 9/1/1998 - 8/31/2002

Grant Number: 33660


University of Michigan School of Public Health

1420 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, 48109-2013


Arline T. Geronimus
Project Director