Small nonprofit cash flow project

This program contract supports James Management Associates (James), an accounting and management consulting firm specializing in health care, to research, assess, and make recommendations on the issue of small nonprofit agency cash flow and financial management problems. Small community-based organizations (CBOs) and nonprofit organizations are important laboratories for the development and demonstration of many of RWJF's programs and interventions. Many such agencies experience financial difficulties that may interrupt service delivery, distract agency leadership from focusing on long-term goals, delay physical plant repairs, constrain expansion of services, stifle exploratory opportunities, and even threaten an agency's existence.The project's objectives included: (1) to validate perceived cash flow problems of RWJF's CBO grantees; (2) to assess the nature and scope of the grantee organizations' underlying financial management needs; (3) to identify available resources; and (4) to propose short- and long-term recommendations for development and delivery of financial management assistance to RWJF grantees and the field in general. The grant will support an interview process that will gather information from about 40 CBOs and other organizations familiar with CBO cash flow and financial-management challenges.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $50,000.00

Awarded on: 12/8/1997

Time frame: 12/1/1997 - 2/28/1998

Grant Number: 33490


James Management Associates

3200 West End Avenue, Suite 500
Nashville, 37203-1373


Kay L. James
Project Director