Phase I: Study to examine variations in the quality of care

The Foundation's Health Tracking initiative was designed to support efforts to understand better health system changes and how these changes affect people.This grant funds the second round of Health Tracking, including a new component focused on understanding how health system change is affecting the quality of care people receive. Plans for this new quality component include examining medical records and offering physical exams to a subset of families participating in the next round of the Community Tracking Study (which will be conducted throughout 1998-1999). This phase of the study is designed to refine approaches for collecting medical record information from Community Tracking Study participants. Funds will be used to collect information for 400 individuals from Orange County and Indianapolis (two of the twelve intensively studied sites) who participated in the first-round household survey. Before testing methods and logistics for the medical record reviews, the RAND team will conduct a series of focus groups designed to examine different approaches for gaining permission to access medical records, explore patient confidentiality concerns, and determine the type of results which would be most helpful to report back to community participants. Results from Phase I will help inform the direction of the larger effort, which is planned to be launched this spring and will include roughly 15,000 individuals.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $512,898.00

Awarded on: 12/1/1997

Time frame: 12/1/1997 - 2/28/1999

Grant Number: 32809


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Steven M. Asch
Project Director


Elizabeth A. McGlynn
Project Director