Turning Point: Collaborating for a New Century in Public Health

The program, Turning Point: Collaborating for a New Century in Public Health, was designed to transform and strengthen the public health infrastructure so that states, local communities, and their public health agencies may respond to the challenge to protect and improve the public's health in the 21st Century.Oregon will redesign its public health system to deliver essential population-based services, seek solutions for access to health care for their most vulnerable populations, maintain an educated and well trained workforce to respond to emerging health issues, and provide consistent and accurate data to support effective decision making. They will engage in a strategic planning process involving government, business, policy leaders, elected officials, public and private health agencies, the faith community, civic organizations, and citizens from across the state. The success of their planning process will be measured by achievement of the following objectives: active engagement of stakeholders from all facets of the community; implementation of innovative, effective public/private partnerships for collaborations that promote improved public health; and development of a Public Health Improvement Plan which documents clear strategies, action steps, and timelines for health improvement. The Public Health Improvement Plan will be formulated in large part by five interdisciplinary work groups that reflect diverse interests. These work groups will seek broad community input and will identify current resources, strengths, gaps, and barriers. Work groups will address each of the following concerns of the Public Health Improvement Plan: defining roles and responsibilities of the public health system, improving collaborative relationships, examining the organizational structure of the state and local public health system, determining capacity of the system, and identifying and securing adequate funding. Oregon's strategic planning process will be governed by a 20-25 person Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will be assisted by a community-based Turning Point Coalition and will direct the work of the five interdisciplinary work groups. In recent years, Oregon's public health agencies have been challenged by a rapid change in health care delivery systems, an increased demand to serve as a safety net for vulnerable populations, and diminishing financial resources. Technical assistance will assist in developing innovative approaches to safety net services.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $300,000.00

Awarded on: 11/25/1997

Time frame: 12/1/1997 - 3/31/2000

Grant Number: 33311


State of Oregon Department of Human Services Public Health Division

800 N.E. Oregon Street
Portland, 97232-2162