Turning Point: Collaborating for a New Century in Public Health

The Foundation's program, Turning Point: Collaborating for a New Century in Public Health, was designed to transform and strengthen the public health infrastructure so that states, local communities, and their public health agencies may respond to the challenge to protect and improve the public's health in the 21st century. The purpose of this project is to foster partnerships and capabilities necessary for effective public health leadership and performance in the 21st century. The Oklahoma partnership will focus on innovative ways of working together to effect lasting change in Oklahoma's public health infrastructure. Community partners in Oklahoma will take a stronger leadership role while state partners will assume a stronger technical resource position. Oklahoma's goals include the provision of population-based prevention activities that address the actual causes of premature death, shifting away from the traditional medical care model of disease treatment. To reach this goal, they will expand the Advisory Committee with additional members from the faith community, business, education, and elected officials. They will initiate a comprehensive assessment of Oklahoma's current public health status at the local level. Following assessment, they will identify the infrastructure changes needed to improve the public health status and ultimately develop a Public Health Innovation Action Plan that incorporates a community-based approach and can be replicated, adopted, and sustained across communities. The final draft of the proposed action plan will be included on the Oklahoma State Department of Health's home page and will be in a format which can be downloaded for use by communities. The Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Oklahoma State Legislature for legislation that mandates and provides funding for a comprehensive, statewide integrated database system that will provide communities information for assessment of health status, health needs, disease threats and health services.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $300,000.00

Awarded on: 11/25/1997

Time frame: 12/1/1997 - 3/31/2000

Grant Number: 33309


State of Oklahoma Department of Health

1000 N.E. 10th Street
Oklahoma City, 73117-1207


Neil E. Hann
Project Director