Activities to address the issue of special needs children in California Managed Care Plans

A variety of specialty programs and services have developed over the years for children with special needs. As the health care system moves toward organized delivery systems, these children's access to specialized services may be disrupted. Troubling Signs: Severely Ill Children in Employment-Based Managed Care Plans in California is a report which documents the experiences of specialized providers and families of children with severe, complex conditions in securing access to appropriate care from managed care plans in California. Under this project, the project director will disseminate the report findings to a variety of audiences, assess the adequacy of the advocacy community in California to address the issues raised, and explore approaches for improving the care for children with specialized needs.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $48,000.00

Awarded on: 11/21/1997

Time frame: 11/15/1997 - 12/31/1999

Grant Number: 33189


Elizabeth J. Jameson
Project Director