Study of risk sharing's effect on access and quality of care for Medicare managed care patients with diabetes

Although Medicare managed care growth is accelerating, little is known about the impact of managed care arrangements for Medicare beneficiaries, particularly those with chronic health conditions. Under this grant, the investigator will study the process and outcome of care for Medicare beneficiaries with Type II diabetes. Specifically, the investigator will examine the influence of generalist and specialist risk-sharing arrangements and the presence of a diabetes disease management program on the use and outcomes of care for persons with Type II diabetes. Building on an observational cohort study investigating use of eye care services in FFS and managed care, the investigator will recruit, interview, and examine Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes in these two settings. In addition, a survey of medical directors from the larger cohort study will be conducted to assess structural characteristics and risk-sharing arrangements between generalists and specialists in other cities to investigate potential cross-site differences in the content and quality of care. The results of this study will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals for publication and are expected to have major policy implications as the growth of Medicare managed care continues.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $162,084.00

Awarded on: 10/27/1997

Time frame: 11/1/1997 - 1/31/2000

Grant Number: 32072


University of California, Los Angeles, David Geffen School of Medicine

10833 LeConte Avenue
Box 951736
Los Angeles, 90095-1736


Carol M. Mangione
Project Director