Consultant to help plan public engagement initiative in end-of-life care

The Foundation's program, Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care, was designed to foster long-term changes in health care institutions to substantially improve care for dying persons and their families.This contract supports an expert consultant for a year to help in the planning and early stages of a new national initiative the Foundation is developing. The initiative would be the centerpiece of the "public" strand of a three-part strategy in addressing end-of-life issues nationally. (The other two strands are professional education and institutional change.) Under this contract, a consultant will help staff: (1) identify promising models of community engagement; (2) help devise ways to broaden projects focused narrowly on either policy or public discussion to include both activities; and (3) help integrate this activity with the ongoing work of the Foundation-funded project with the American Medical Association to train practicing physicians in state-of-the-art palliative care and advance care planning.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $25,000.00

Awarded on: 9/2/1997

Time frame: 8/15/1997 - 2/14/1998

Grant Number: 32576


John M. Stanley, PhD

Lawrence University
115 South Drew Street
Appleton, 54912-0599


John M. Stanley
Project Director