Book Exploring future models for Health insurance coverage

This grant supports the writing of a book which will explore various future models of providing health coverage. This research will explore the long-term consequence of the decline of employment-based insurance as the primary source of coverage for the non-elderly, as well as the implications of the demographic shift of the Baby Boomers through the following themes: (1) the current system of largely employment-based insurance is an historical accident; (2) the system and its political support has been in decline since 1988 and shows every sign of continuing to be in decline; and (3) the numbers of retiring Baby Boomers will ultimately and inevitably wreck employment-based insurance, opening up a wide range of possibilities for expansion of health insurance. This work will expand on themes introduced by Dr. William Styring in a paper produced in tandem with three other grantees for a 1996 publication entitled Providing Universal Health Issues to Children: Four Perspectives.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $199,164.00

Awarded on: 9/18/1997

Time frame: 10/1/1997 - 4/30/1999

Grant Number: 32127


Hudson Institute Inc.

1015 15th Street, N.W., 6th Floor
Washington, 20005-2605


William Styring
Project Director