Development and assessment of an interactive video to prevent substance abuse among youth

This grant supports the development of an interactive educational program designed to help reduce substance use among youth. This effort will be implemented by the World Institute of Leadership and Learning (WILL), in collaboration with the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. The Komputer Interactive Simulation System (KISSTM) is innovative computer technology, developed by WILL and designed to modify youth behavior through a variety of interactive multimedia applications. KISSTM provides users the power to access information, play out life situations and experiment with "what if" situations in cyberspace. KISSTM resides at the intersection of reality and imagination. It allows players to look into the future and see the results of lifestyle decisions. It provides the power to access critical information and play out real-life situations in a safe, fun, and non-judgmental virtual experience. Players take their risks in cyberspace instead of real life. KISSTM combines computer and video technology to create scenarios and case studies. It enables users to test complex decisions in a private environment.By touching a screen users can: (1) increase knowledge; (2) gain insights; (3) test behavior choices; and (4) associate behavior choices with real life outcomes. In addition, users can experiment with difference alternatives and repeat segments of the video for reinforcement or to reexamine the consequences of their actions. This project will develop two video games in which the player becomes the lead character in a real-life situation and is faced with choices about substance use in the context of common events in his/her life. As the game progresses, the player experiences the immediate and long-term outcomes of the choices made earlier in the game. Characters, scenarios, outcomes, and environments look and sound real.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $499,716.00

Awarded on: 6/30/1997

Time frame: 7/1/1997 - 6/30/1998

Grant Number: 31397


Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America

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