Advertising support for televised seminar on end-of-life

The Foundation funded a multi-media curriculum on end-of-life issues that incorporates a Fred Friendly Seminar entitled "Before I Die: Medical Care and Personal Choices," scheduled to be broadcast on the Public Television System on April 22, 1997. The broadcast is the linchpin around which revolves a set of materials whose purpose is to stimulate a structured and informative dialogue about end-of-life issues at the grassroots level. This grant provides funds for radio and television advertising support for the televised program that will maximize viewership and subsequently increase participation in the community and educational outreach effort. As the SUPPORT study indicated, inadequate communication about end-of-life issues contributes to the inadequate care and caring at the time of death. Using the broadcast of "Before I Die" as its centerpiece, the curriculum on end-of-life issues hopes to promote a national conversation through an innovative community and educational outreach effort that utilizes a viewer's guide, resource guide, Web site, and a video teleconference to train grassroots organizations to use both the broadcast of the seminar and a special reversion edition at meetings and discussion groups across the country.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $105,441.00

Awarded on: 4/1/1997

Time frame: 4/1/1997 - 5/31/1997

Grant Number: 31734


Cine Information, Inc.

215 West 90th Street, Suite 9C
New York, 10024-1224


Barbara E. Margolis
Project Director