Research on the structure, policies, and practices of alcohol beverage control agencies

The Foundation's Substance Abuse Policy Research Program was designed to provide support for investigators to conduct policy research on a variety of subjects directed at helping the country reduce the harm caused by substance abuse.The objectives of this grant are: (1) to examine the relationship between structure, practices, and policies of alcohol beverage control agencies and alcohol-related mortality; (2) to comprehensively describe environmental and behavioral enforcement practices in 20 cities, 10 of which have among the lowest alcohol-related traffic mortality and 10 with the highest alcohol related traffic crash mortality; (3) to identify which practices are most closely associated with better alcohol-related outcomes using group level case-control methodology; and (4) to verify the association of alcohol-related practices with alcohol-related mortality in a large sample of cities using a cross-sectional survey design.After describing alcohol-related policies and practices in selected 20 cities, an index will be created using Rasch analysis. A survey based upon initial findings will then be sent to 100 cities. Results will then be analyzed to identify which structures, policies, and enforcement practices are most closely associated with better alcohol related mortality outcomes. Findings will then be useful for guiding the development of ABC policy and practices throughout the country.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $263,711.00

Awarded on: 3/31/1997

Time frame: 4/1/1997 - 3/31/2000

Grant Number: 31603


Louisiana State University Medical Center

1542 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, 70112-2865


Deborah A. Cohen
Project Director