Conference on end-of-life decision making for people with chronic disabling conditions

This grant supports a two-day conference entitled "End-of-Life Decision Making by People with Disabilities" which will convene national leaders from medicine, ethics and the disability community. The specific outcomes of the conference are as follows: (1) a set of guiding principles to improve end-of-life decision making by persons with disabling conditions; (2) suggested actions to educate the medical, legal, ethical communities and the general public about end-of-life care for the disabled; (3) outreach strategies to persons with disabling chronic conditions to inform them about advanced care planning and palliative care; and (4) action steps that will be taken by the members of the leadership group to act on the proposed recommendations. A major component of the Foundation's strategies to improve end-of-life care is to help educate patients and health care providers about advanced care planning and palliative care. This strategy is based on the assumption that more informed patients and health care providers will lead to better end-of-life care. This project targets such educational efforts at those with chronic disabling conditions who are especially at risk for having poor outcomes in end-of-life care. In so doing, this project is an unprecedented attempt to engage a dialogue between the medical community and the disability community.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $39,917.00

Awarded on: 2/26/1997

Time frame: 3/1/1997 - 3/31/1998

Grant Number: 31118


Dartmouth College

207 Parkhurst Hall
Hanover, 03755-3575


John B. Moeschler
Project Director