Workers' Compensation: Measuring Progress Toward Cost Containment and Quality Care

This grant supports the National Academy of Social Insurance in its effort to continue and improve the now defunct federal data series. Specifically, the project will: (1) update the data series to include data for 1994-1996; (2) develop improvements in the data to enhance its uses for policy analyses; and (3) create a plan for ongoing support of the data series through a consortium of contributions from key workers' compensation organizations. The critical portion of the project is the effort to refine the data series for improved utility in policy analysis. Among the improvements are: (1) the development of methods to estimate medical benefits and cash benefits separately and on a state-by-state basis; (2) the development of the capacity to integrate data from the Employment Cost Index; and (3) to refine estimates of costs. To complete the project, the Academy will convene a 10-member Steering Committee from among its members, augmented by other compensation specialists.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $194,671.00

Awarded on: 1/28/1997

Time frame: 2/1/1997 - 1/31/2000

Grant Number: 30118


National Academy of Social Insurance

1200 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W., Suite 830
Washington, 20036-6830


Virginia P. Reno
Project Director