Development and dissemination of a model public awareness campaign for hospice services

The purpose of this project is a public awareness campaign to inform the public about the availability of good health and supportive care at the end of life. It builds on an extensive Boston Globe supplement on hospice care that was published in June 1996. This campaign is an important counterpoint to the media's coverage of the assisted suicide debate in the U.S. The project is consistent with the Foundation's strategy to improve care at the end of life by informing the public about options that can help maintain autonomy and dignity.This project will build on the extensive media coverage of hospice generated by the Boston Globe and increase the public's awareness of hospice as an option at the end of life. The planning for this project has involved journalists and public affairs specialists from the Boston Globe, producers from New England Cable Network, the National Hospice Organization, and the Massachusetts Hospice Federation. The project will have numerous components: (1) printing of 10,000 reprints of the Boston Globe article; (2) development of three 30-second public service announcements about hospice; (3) the publication and distribution of a consumer guide to hospice that will be promoted in the public service announcements; (4) a photography exhibit for use in community locations such as libraries, schools, hospitals and museums; and (5)) the production of a 10-minute documentary on hospice that will be used in conjunction with a speakers' bureau. In kind contributions from the media organizations in Boston will supplement Foundation support. If successful, this project will serve as a pilot public awareness campaign that could be modeled by other state hospice associations.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $107,837.00

Awarded on: 1/13/1997

Time frame: 2/1/1997 - 4/30/1999

Grant Number: 30557


Hospice Federation of Massachusetts Incorporated

1420 Providence Highway, Suite 277
Norwood, 02062-4673


Rigney Cunningham
Project Director