Developing community responses to youth firearm violence

The purpose of this project is to develop a new way for communities to identify risk factors for youth firearm violence and use this knowledge to develop effective, local interventions against such violence. This effort will create community teams to conduct public health investigations of each firearm-related death of a child. Teams will include concerned citizens, the clergy, community leaders and professionals from public health, medicine, criminal justice, law enforcement, juvenile justice, education and social services. Teams will be responsible for communicating their findings to the larger community, to the systems charged with violence prevention and public safety, and to policy makers. The Carter Center has already begun to support teams in Long Beach/Compton, California and Albuquerque/Santa Fe, New Mexico. A third site will be established in Atlanta, Georgia. Funds will be used for costs at three sites and partial project staff support at The Carter Center. Funds also will be used to develop the idea that community teams focused on understanding a particular violent event can enable communities to intervene to prevent further violence. All handgun-related deaths of youth from birth through age 17 will be examined. Activities will continue at the Long Beach/Compton and Albuquerque/Santa Fe sites and a third site, Atlanta, will be brought on. Because teams in the initial sites have only recently begun reviewing cases, a process which can last several months, few findings have been presented. Nonetheless, based on work accomplished so far, teams are likely to make the following types of recommendations: (1) joint patrolling of police and probation officers to remove violators from the streets; (2) city council support for organizing neighborhood watches; (3) school system support for extended day schools in high-risk neighborhoods; and (4) local public awareness campaign on safe gun storage to prevent youth suicide.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $899,375.00

Awarded on: 1/23/1997

Time frame: 2/1/1997 - 1/31/2000

Grant Number: 30871


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William H. Foege
Project Director


Wallace S. Woodard
Project Director