Assessment of the Tobacco and Substance Abuse Policy Research Programs

The Foundation's Substance Abuse Policy Research Program was designed to provide support for investigators to conduct policy research on a variety of subjects directed at helping the country reduce the harm caused by substance abuse.The purpose of this project is to support research and evaluation projects that will produce policy-relevant information about ways to reduce the harm caused by tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs in the United States. This program is an expansion of the forerunner, Tobacco Policy Research Program, which pursued the same goal for tobacco research only. This study is designed to assess the implementation and results of both programs in order to assist in developing the next iteration of the Substance Abuse Policy Research Program.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $83,830.00

Awarded on: 12/23/1996

Time frame: 12/16/1996 - 5/15/1997

Grant Number: 31072


Lewin Group, Inc.

3130 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 500
Falls Church, 22042-4517


Henrick J. Harwood
Project Director