Assessment of state health agencies' authorizing legislation

The changing health environment produced by market reforms and the Federal devolution of power to the states will have a significant influence on the mission, goals, and practice of state health agencies. While the environment within which public health has been operating is changing, public health practice, as governed by existing goals, objectives, and organizational structures, has not changed dramatically in states. As a result of the emerging changes, states may have to depart from existing statutes governing public health (i.e., the legal basis of public health agencies). In order to do so, an analysis of existing statutes, mission statements, and corresponding practice (as reflected in mission statements and public health goals and objectives), is needed. This project will assess the enabling statutes for the 50 state health agencies and conduct a content analysis to compare each with the mission statement and current practice. Specifically, the project will: (1) identify the extent to which the published mission statements of state health agencies are consistent with the state's statute governing public health; (2) identify the extent to which health agencies' statutes are consistent with current public health practice; and, (3) prepare a final report that emphasizes the policy implications of the findings. This information will provide interested stakeholders with information to strengthen the public health infrastructure in varied states.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $49,999.00

Awarded on: 8/27/1996

Time frame: 9/1/1996 - 5/31/1998

Grant Number: 27515


Columbia University School of Nursing

630 West 168th Street
New York, 10032-3703


Kristine M. Gebbie
Project Director