National Center For Tobacco-Free Kids

This grant supports a program to provide start-up support for a national campaign to reduce youth tobacco use. The National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids will be a free-standing, privately funded, communications-oriented organization that focuses anti-smoking efforts on the almost universally accepted goal of reducing tobacco use among youth. The four central functions of the Center are to: (1) develop a national strategy for reducing youth tobacco use; (2) serve as a media center that will develop national information efforts to prevent youth tobacco use and counter the promotional efforts of the tobacco industry; (3) provide intensive technical assistance to state- and community-level public education efforts to improve their effectiveness; and (4) broaden the base and depth of national organizational support to reduce youth tobacco use.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $19,510,110.00

Awarded on: 6/14/1996

Time frame: 6/15/1996 - 6/14/2001

Grant Number: 29600


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

1400 I Street, N.W., Suite 1200
Washington, 20005-6531


Matthew L. Myers
Project Director