Planning for the National Conference on Tobacco or Health 2000

Under this grant, the American Medical Association will partner with the Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and several other organizations in preparing to compete to host the 11th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health, in Chicago, Illinois. The 11th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health will be held in the year 2000 and that is a particularly significant year for the tobacco control movement in the United States and worldwide. The Smoke-Free Class of 2000 will graduate from high school that year and it is the target date set for a smoke-free society originally set by former Surgeon General C. Everet Koop in the late 1980s. If the bid is successful, the American Medical Association will be the site of the conference Secretariat. The bid will be presented by a group representing the primary sponsors in Helsinki, Finland, in October 1996. Tobacco is the leading cause of death in the U.S.; however, many other countries have more progressive tobacco control policies. Very few Americans involved in tobacco control are able to travel outside the U.S., and thus U.S. attendance has been very limited. A benefit of holding the World Congress in the U.S. is that tobacco control researchers and activists, including RWJF grantees, could attend and learn from the experiences of the other countries. For example, the idea for the Center for Tobacco Free Kids arose out of a series of discussions at the 1994 World Congress in Paris.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $29,855.00

Awarded on: 4/19/1996

Time frame: 5/1/1996 - 6/30/1997

Grant Number: 29398


American Medical Association

515 North State Street, 15th Floor
Chicago, 60654-4820


Thomas P. Houston
Project Director