Support for perinatal outreach workers to attend national forum

This grant provides support for selected outreach workers to participate in the National Forum for Community Perinatal Outreach Workers. The participants to be supported are community-level workers who do not have the funds to participate in this kind of national conference, and would be drawn from several of the Foundation's current activities involving community outreach. Funds will be used to support conference travel, registration and expenses for 10 outreach workers from the CHAN project in Alabama, and selected appropriate Opening Doors projects. Also, funds will contribute towards the production of some conference materials.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $19,395.00

Awarded on: 1/18/1996

Time frame: 1/19/1996 - 2/18/1996

Grant Number: 28312


Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition Incorporated

409 12th Street, S.W.
Washington, 20024-2188

Claudia Morris
Project Director