Research on services integration achieved through different physician organization arrangements in managed care

The Foundation's Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization program was designed to support research, demonstration, and evaluation projects examining major changes in health care financing.Under this grant, the Hospital Research and Educational Trust, in collaboration with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, will study joint hospital and physician group efforts to create integrated service arrangements and facilitated managed care contracting. The study will provide baseline data on the prevalence of these relationships; associate different organizational arrangement with measurable characteristics to develop classification schemes; and develop an analytic framework for assessing why hospitals and physicians implement various arrangements. The purpose of the study is to provide rationale and understanding about the formation of these arrangements by assessing the effects of hospital, health market, regulatory, and community characteristics on the decision to develop a physician-organization arrangement and on the type of arrangement that is selected.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $232,394.00

Awarded on: 1/29/1996

Time frame: 2/1/1996 - 2/28/1998

Grant Number: 28525


Health Research & Educational Trust

155 North Wacker Street, Suite 400
Chicago, 60606-1719


Gloria J. Bazzoli
Project Director