Public health and medicine: Partnering to improve community health in the 21st century

This grant supports the convening of leading thinkers and stakeholders to participate in a ground-breaking dialogue between public health and medicine that will result in the development and dissemination of a monograph on the changing roles and responsibilities of public health and medicine in the 21st century. The project will be funded by the Foundation in collaboration with the American Public Health Association (APHA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). Both associations will serve as advisors to the process and play primary roles in the dissemination of the monograph (distribution to 300,000 of their members, press conferences, and symposia). The goals of this project are to: (1) stimulate a dialogue on the roles and responsibilities of public health and medicine in the changing health care environment, and the evolution of the public health infrastructure necessary to achieve its mission in the 21st century; and (2) facilitate collaborations among stakeholders who have key roles to play in improving the public's health. The outcome of this dialogue will be a monograph to stimulate wide-scale discussion and action on these issues.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $749,774.00

Awarded on: 1/25/1996

Time frame: 2/1/1996 - 12/31/1997

Grant Number: 28618


New York Academy of Medicine

1216 5th Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, 10029-5202


Roz D. Lasker
Project Director