Meeting to explore public health implications of alternative nicotine delivery devices

This grant provides support for an exploratory, one-day meeting of nicotine dependence experts to begin addressing the matter of reducing harm from tobacco as it relates to public health. Presentations and resulting discussion at a recent conference entitled "Harm Reduction and Nicotine Use," sponsored by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) in Toronto, illustrated how much this topic needs to be explored and how little serious work the public health community has done on it in the last 20 years. An agenda for the meeting will be developed based on the following major themes identified in the workshop presented at the ASAM conference: (1) Can the hazard of various nicotine delivery systems be assessed? (2) What are the research funding issues concerning alternative nicotine delivery systems? and (3) What are the legal and economic issues, and what regulatory hurdles and advantages are involved? Individuals will be asked to prepare brief introductory remarks about major topic areas and there will be a formal counterpoint followed by general discussion.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $27,883.00

Awarded on: 1/12/1996

Time frame: 1/15/1996 - 1/14/1997

Grant Number: 28627


Saint Peter's Healthcare System

254 Easton Avenue
New Brunswick, 08901-1766